4 Reasons To Repair Your Foundation

Your foundation is the core building block that supports your home. If something fails in your foundation piers and beams or there is a foundation crack, your home could be at risk. Pure Properties is here to help you determine if your concrete foundation may be damaged and provide four reasons to conduct foundation repair with a local company as soon as possible.

Pure Properties has been serving the High Point, North Carolina area for over four years, and we excel at delivering quality affordable foundation repairs and maintenance. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re worried about your foundation, schedule a consultation today.

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Foundation Damage Compromises the Safety of Your Home

When it comes to your home, foundation damage can seriously threaten your safety. Foundation cracks, pier and beam issues, and other foundation damage can all compromise the structural integrity of your home, making it unsafe for you and your family to live in.

Local foundation repair companies like Pure Properties can help you identify and repair the damage, restoring the safety of your home. Foundation crack repair is a common solution for many types of damage, but for more serious issues, the installation of foundation piers may be necessary. If you think your home may be suffering from foundation damage, contact a local foundation repair specialist as soon as possible.

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Foundation Damage Can Lead to Substantial Financial Costs

You’ll want to get ahead of the damage before things get worse. What starts as a small foundation leak or foundation crack can spiral out of control and lead to a high foundation repair cost. You might need to invest in large-scale structural repairs to fix foundation cracks.

If you start to notice signs of foundation damage like cracked or leaning chimneys, gaps between windows and walls, cracks in interior and exterior walls, or strange stains on your flooring, you should investigate your crawl space immediately. If your home’s foundation does not utilize a crawl space, experts may need to be called in. Damage to a home’s foundation like cracks and mold will only get worse with time, so the sooner you start the repair, the less it will cost.

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Leaving Foundation Cracks Can Decrease our Home’s Value

Foundation cracks can often be the source of a major headache for homeowners. Not only do they create an unsightly aesthetic, but they can also decrease the value of your home drastically. Pure Properties can help ensure that the cracks that have already appeared in your foundation are properly and safely repaired.

Investing in quality foundation repair now can save you money in the future and help your home maintain its value. Foundation inspections are a core component of determining your home’s value, and a bad foundation can decrease that value by tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t wait for a surprise from your home inspector right before you try to sell. Schedule a foundation checkup today!

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A Faulty Foundation Can Lead to Health Problems

Sometimes, you just need a change. If you’re ready for a change in your home, remodeling can be the smartest option. Remodeling can give your home a new look and feel, and it can be a great way to refresh your space. At Pure Properties, our mission is to create beautiful, functional spaces for people to live. We believe that everyone deserves to have a home they genuinely enjoy spending their time in, and no matter your specific needs, we’ll work hard to show you what makes us the go-to remodeling contractor in High Point and beyond.

At Pure Properties, our team of expert technicians pride themselves on keeping your home safe by conducting the most efficient and thorough foundation repair you could ask for. Our history of satisfied customers is a testament to our hard work and dedication.

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