Signs of Foundation Problems

Foundation Repair

Are there any structural problems with your home, such as damaged basement walls, stuck windows, or jammed doors? These are all indications of a damaged foundation. Problems can escalate and end up costing significantly more to fix in the future - and can become widespread throughout the house. With a proper method to fully support your home, our team are trained professionals that ensure quality and safety.

Signs of Foundation Problems:

There are several indicators that foundation deterioration is imminent. Finding them can help you save money and protect the people you love.

1. Sinking Settlement

A fix is required if your house appears to be tilting or if you see a part of your foundation that is above ground. The entire foundation may experience this, or only one or a few sections.

2. Wall cracks

When your home's walls shift as a result of foundation deterioration, cracks appear. Watch out for sharp cracks that emerge from the corners of door and window frames. Be on the lookout for stair-step cracking when looking outside. This type of crack appears in masonry-built homes composed of brick or block.

3. Bowing Walls

Damage to a wall can cause it to bend inward or tilt when exposed to external strain. Drywall or concrete that makes up your walls may also start to sag as a result of excessive moisture or molten instability. If you leave the damage in question sit, those supports may start to move.

4. Pops of Drywall Nails

Drywall nail pops may seem like a minor problem, but don't ignore this warning sign. Even minor foundation damage can result in major structural issues. Metal nails are not intended to flex and move along with your foundation. Your drywall will develop tiny holes or patches of chipped paint as a result.

5. Floor Problems

Any home might have severe issues as a result of uneven and cracked floors. Damaged floors decrease property value in addition to posing a tripping risk, making the house uncomfortable, and plain appearing ugly. Even worse, these problems are frequently signs of a foundation concern.

6. Cracked Door Frame

Your doors and windows may become uneven, stick, space out, or crack as the floor settles. Cracks in brick or block walls, separation of a chimney from the foundation and gaps above windows are other signs of settling.

7. Tilting or Leaning Chimneys

When a chimney footing is missing or insufficient, it can occasionally cause the chimney to collapse. Chimney tilting issues most frequently occur when the building was constructed on weak supporting soils. To determine whether your foundation has any more problems, you should speak with a foundation specialist.

8. Floors That Sag Above Crawl Spaces

Existing girders and column gaps in the crawl space are signs of dampness, wood decay and compression of the floor joists. Sloping flooring can leave a space between the inner walls of a home's crawl space and the outside of the house.

Delaying foundation maintenance can cost you.

Even if the house just requires minor repairs, delaying foundation issues can result in more costly damage down the road. The foundation repair professionals advise repairing damage as soon as it is identified.